Potain MD 569 delivers precise lifting for German engineering company’s pipe production

2017.03.24 - admin

One of the first tower cranes from the new MD CCS series, the Potain MD 569, has been delivered to Potain dealer Steenhoff, in East Frisia, Germany. ...

...  The company took delivery of the crane with its first customer already waiting to use the new crane, RMT Rohr- und Maschinenanlagentechnik (RMT).

Steenhoff is renting out the new top slewing crane for 30 months to RMT, an engineering company  with its headquarters in Oldenburg. The MD 569 is handling the loading and unloading of deliveries, as well as supporting assembly work for the company at its main facility.

"For its production, RMT needed a new crane solution that would allow the company to precisely lift loads that weighed up to 25 t with the greatest possible jib reach,” explained Martin Steenhoff, managing director of Steenhoff. “Together with Manitowoc’s sales team, we identified the most suitable crane and configuration for these requirements: the new MD 569.”

Potain MD-569 Bild 1

The MD 569 has a 25 t capacity and maximum radius of 80 m—its maximum tip capacity is a strong 5.8 t at this 80 m, and the crane is able to lift up to 25 t at a 21.4 m radius. RMT mounted the crane on anchoring feet and set its hook height to 35 m. During the commissioning process, the MD 569’s CCS crane control system enabled the crane technician to complete all crane calibrations and limit settings from the cab, using the CCS jog-dial control and color display, saving a significant amount of time and money for the company.

Potain MD-569 Bild 2

The main task the crane was utilized for was the precise positioning of individual pipe sections for their assembly and production at RMT’s plant. For this particular task , The MD 569 was the perfect crane, as it provided a new driving experience for the crane driver. The speed limiter enabled its operator to adjust the speed of all the crane’s motions and was able to also customize the dynamism of the crane at will.

CCS’s integrated diagnostic tool ensured easy monitoring of the crane settings, crane operation and maintenance status and measures, thus reducing the time required for maintenance of the MD 569, which reduce downtime for RMT. The smooth operation of the LVF/DVF/RVF Optima winch and the comfort of the Ultraview cab contributed to RMT’s success with the crane.

Steenhoff, based in Rhauderfehn, Germany, is a service provider in the field of construction machinery trade and rental. Since 1994, Steenhoff has also been a dealer for Potain tower cranes. A total of 256 cranes are currently part of the company's rental park: 201 rapid-assembly cranes and 55 top slewing cranes. The MD 569 is now the largest crane in the company’s fleet.



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