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ZWEIBRÜCKEN – April 24, 2018 – Einhäupl Autokran-Service GmbH took delivery of a new Demag® AC 250-5 all terrain crane. The German company has its headquarters in Weiden, in the Upper Palatinate, as well as a branch office in Mühlau, close to Chemnitz. .

... The crane was handed over by Terex Cranes Sales Manager Thomas Keckeis, who is responsible for Bavaria and Austria.

Einhäupl DEMAG AC 250-5

from left to right: Thomas Keckeis (Sales Manager, Terex Cranes), Daniel Einhäupl (Manager, Einhäupl), Franz-Josef Einhäupl (CEO, Einhäupl) und Thomas Schramm (Vice President Sales Mobile Cranes EMEAR, Terex Cranes)

“There were a number of reasons why the AC 250-5 was a compelling choice, and its innovative IC-1 Plus control system was one of them. It definitely gives the AC 250-5 a performance edge over all other units in the same capacity class. In fact, the control system enables us to complete projects with high-accuracy positioning that would normally require a crane from a higher lifting capacity class. Needless to say, this can be a decisive advantage when working at sites where space is tight,” Manager Daniel Einhäupl, the son of the company’s owner, says while explaining the purchase decision. 

When going over the Demag AC 250-5 crane’s many advantages, Einhäupl also mentions the 70-meter-long main boom, which makes it possible to erect many tower cranes without the need for a main boom extension. “And once you add the eleven-meter extension to the mix, no tower crane is too tall,” adds Operations Manager Günther Aurich. The quality of Demag cranes also played a vital role in the purchase: “Our AC 120-1 does its work with enormous reliability and pretty much without the need for repairs, so we assume that our new AC 250-5 will meet our requirements as well. To put it simply, we completely trust the Demag name,” Daniel Einhäupl summarizes. “Thanks to the one-of-a-kind ‘second wind’ that our region’s economy is currently experiencing, the Demag AC 250-5 got the chance to demonstrate its advantages and superiority right after we took delivery of it by helping with the construction of a precast reinforced concrete building with an area of approx. 17,000 square meters. We performed that job for Waldersdorf-based Cube, and the AC 250-5 passed with flying colors, just as expected – basically put, the precast components, which weighed up to 43 tonnes, were no big challenge for our new crane,” Günter Aurich reports.


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