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66424 Homburg, Germany

+49 (0) 68 41 - 7 58 39 17

Kompetenz und Leistung Der Internet-Marktplatz CRANEMARKET24 bietet Ihnen folgende Vorteile hersteller-unabhängig kostengünstig weltweite Verbreitung einfache und benutzerfreundliche Bedienung mit effizienten Suchparametern und ermöglicht Käufern und Verkäufern:  schnelles Suchen und Finden kunden- und marktgerechtes Anbieten von gebrauchten Kranen, Hebezeugen und dem dazu passenden Zubehör und Dienstleistungen branchenweit und international

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Address name:

1861 Wolvertem, Belgium

+32 52 319 319
+32 52 319 329

SARENS IS THE RECOGNIZED WORLDWIDE LEADER AND REFERENCE IN HEAVY LIFTING AND ENGINEERED TRANSPORT. In this industry SARENS is one of biggest and well-known reference in crane rental services,  heavy lifting, and engineered transport for our clients. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, our company offers the clients creative and intelligent solutions to today's heavy lifting and engineered transport challenges. - more than 100 entities in 63 countries operating without borders, see details on our homepage - the ideal partner for small-scale to megascale projects. - currently 4452 employed professionals  - the market leader for over 60 years. Over four Sarens family  generations are intimately involved in this business. SARENS success lies in the entrepreneurial spirit and our continued dedication to the job. However, taking heavy lifting and engineered transport seriously is for SARENS not just a matter of DNA and a family tradition but, most importantly, a vocation. The legacy that SARENS proud craftsmen build by deploying our five unwavering values:  - brilliant solutions - dedication to safety - zeal for excellence - love for traditions - global spirit. SARENS will continue to build the future on the foundations of SARENS rich past but SARENS ensures the clients that the company will always stay ahead of the game when it comes to heavy lifting and engineered transport innovation. SARENS will keep breaking ground and securing that your project is delivered in the fastest, safest, and smartest way. Nothing holds SARENS back in leading our profession. Nothing.  

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